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Data Acquisition Product Line

For decades, DATEL Data Acquisition products have proven to be reliable solutions for the industry’s most challenging application requirements.

In addition to a standard product line of A/D’s, Image Processors, Data Acquisition Systems, Sample-Holds, and other analog products, our design engineering team has developed modified standard products and custom products to meet the specific needs of engineers in the imaging, medical, scientific and other high-reliability industries.

If our standard product offering is not the right fit for your application, our experienced staff welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help resolve your analog challenges.

 1 X 1 open frame DC-DC Converter

DC-DC Converters

Since its founding in 1970, DATEL has established a worldwide reputation as a provider of both standard and custom products designed to meet the ever-changing requirements of military, Hi-reliability, medical, scientific and industrial applications. Recognizing the unique needs of each system’s power requirements, DATEL has established itself as a supplier that works with its customers to provide the right solution.

DATEL standard DC-DC converters range from ½ watt to 700 watts and are offered in a variety of form factors including: encapsulated, open frame, surface mount, chassis mount, PC board mount and enclosed air ventilated. These converters are offered in industry-standard packages and pinouts.

If our standard product offering is not the right fit, DATEL’s design team can modify an existing product or provide a complete custom design to meet your application’s requirements. Our broad range of processing capabilities, technical knowledge and design experience has made DATEL a leader in the DC-DC market for more than 45-years. In addition to these products featured on the website, other converters are available in cost-optimized versions with lower power and isolation, standard input voltage ranges, optional encapsulation, etc.. Contact DATEL to provide a data sheet and other information on these products.

      Please contact DATEL if you are in need for a power product that is not listed on our website.

LVR Image

Linear Voltage Regulators (LDO)

The LVR series of Linear Voltage Regulators from DATEL are supplied in a hermetically sealed surface mount package. All protective features are designed into the circuit, including thermal shutdown, current limiting, and safe-area control. Models are available for use in commercial (0 to +70°C) LC, extended (–40 to +110°C) LE, and military LM or Hi-Rel MIL-STD-883 (–55 to +125°C) operating temperature ranges. Parts can be ordered as RoHS or Non-RoHS version depending on customer application and requirement. Every unit is 100% tested for its rated grade and over the specified temperature.

The LC, LE and LM grades are low cost Enhanced Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) offered in a hermetically sealed ceramic CLCC package. The hermetic package protects the IC from the effects of moisture and outgasing of plastic mold compound, hence making the reference more stable in environments where humidity is a concern. Also, the Non-RoHS versions elliminate any concern over tin-whiskers and can be ordered with leaded option. These grades are the best choice for ruggedized, military, avionics, aerospace and medical applications that does not require full MIL-Standard 883 products.

The MIL-STD-883 grade emcompasses all the required environmental, temperature and electrical testing and is offered in the same package. These are the best choice for all applications that require high reliability components.