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Item # PT12-20, POL, 100-Watt, Thru-Hole, 0.7525 - 5 Volts Output

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The PT12-20 Point of Load (POL), non-isolated DC-DC converters, provides regulated user selectable output voltages of 0.75 to 5 Volts over a wide input range of 6 to 14 Volts. This series offers Ultra-high efficiency and high power density DC/DC converters. The efficiency is achieved by using synchronous rectification and drive control techniques. The PT12-20 topology is based on a non-isolated synchronous buck converter in which the control loop is optimized for unconditional stability, fast transient response, very tight line and load regulation. At start up, the PT12-20 series converters do not draw any reverse current in a typical pre-bias application.

The PT12-20 is offered as a Thru-Hole device. This POL series is rated to perform over the ambient temperature range of –40 C to +85 C. The modules are fully protected against short circuit and over-temperature conditions. The converter will shut down automatically if the converter is overloaded or the ambient temperature gets too high. There is also an ON/OFF input pin that allows the converter to be shut down.


Minimum Input Voltage (V)


Maximum Input Voltage (V)


Output Voltage

0.75 - 5 V

Maximum Output Current (A)


Efficiency (%)


Data Sheet (PDF Link)

POL Series, 100 Watt Data Sheet


POL Series, 100 Watt Data Sheet
(PDF, 703KB)