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Part Number PM-35LC-ADV-04, 3.5 Digit LCD Backlit Black

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The PM-35LC-ADV-04 is a gblack LCD/3.5-Digit display Digital Panel Meter with fully adjustable Analog Inputs and . This meter features a small panel cutout of 2.4” x 1.0”, 0.45” high-contrast, and three adjustment potentiometers. It operates from industry standard 24Vdc (@40mA, max.) and includes a snap-in bezel that allows for quick setup and installation. The PM-35LC-ADV-04 is supplied with four user-selectable annunciators for displaying  Celsius (“°C”) or Fahrenheit (“°F”); pounds per square inch (“PSI”); or percent (“%”)

This Digital Panel Meter features an input impedance of 390kOhm (typ.) to minimize signal loading, 3 conversions/second, and a typical accuracy of ±0.1% of full scale, ±2 counts. It is specified to operate over a temperature range of 0 to +50°C (+122°F).

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Display Type


Resolution (Digits)



Digit Size

0.45 in.


°F, °C, PSI, %

Power Supply

12 or 24 Vdc

Operating Temp. Range (min)

0 ºC

Operating Temp. Range (max)

+50 ºC




PM-35LC-ADV data sheet
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