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Part Number ADS-424SM, Multi-Channel Analog to Digital converter

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The ADS-424SM is a 12-bit, 250kSPS multi-, 4-Channels SAR Analog to Digital converter housed in a 16-pin plastic TSSOP package. It is the best choice for all military, airborne, and aerospace applications that can utilize a low cost Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) component such as the ADS-424SM.

Each unit features no missing codes, ± 0.5 LSB of Differential Non-Linearity, ± 0.5 of Integral Non-Linearity and is 100 percent tested for performance over the tempaerature of  -55 to +1250C. The ADS-924SM requires only one supply voltage for operation ranging from +2.7 to 5.25 Volts and consumes only 3 mA of supply current. It has a sleep mode feature that consumes only 8 uA of current. It is the ideal selection for low power and battery operated multi-channel Data Acquisition Systems.

The ADS-424SM offers a unique architecture that includes a sample-hold, a successive approximation A/D, and an SPI compatible serial interface. It features an excellent signal-to noise ratio (SNR) of 73dB and a total harmonic distortion (THD) of -85dB, which makes the ADS-924SM the ideal choice for both time domain (imaging, telemetry, process control) and frequency-domain (radar, telecommunications, spectrum analysis) applications.





12 Bit

Number of Channels


Sampling Rate

0.250 MHz

Power Consumption

0.010 W

Differential Non-Linearity Error/Other

0.5 LSB

Integral Non-Linearity Error/Other

0.5 LSB

Package Type

TSSOP Plastic

Input Range 1st (min)

2 V

Input Range 1st (max)

5 V

Required Supply Voltage 1st

2.7 V

Operating Temp. Range (min)

-55 ºC

Operating Temp. Range (max)

+125 ºC




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