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Part Number 5962-9319801HXC, 14-Bit 5MHz Analog To Digital Converter

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The 5962-9319801HXC is a high-performance, 14-bit, 5MHz sampling A/D converter with no latency delays. This device accurately samples fullscale input signals up to Nyquist frequencies with no missing codes. The dynamic performance of the 5962-9319801HXC has been optimized to achieve a THD of –77dB and a SNR of 76dB. Packaged in a small, 32-pin TDIP, the functionally complete 5962-9319801HXC contains a fast-settling sample-hold amplifi er, a subranging (two-pass) A/D converter, an internal reference, timing and control logic, three-state outputs, and errorcorrection circuitry. Digital input and output levels are TTL.

This Converter operates over a wide temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. Output coding is complementary binary, complementary offset binary, or complementary two’s complement and Serial data is also brought out.

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14 Bit

Number of Channels


Sampling Rate

5 MHz

Power Consumption

2.95 W

Differential Non-Linearity Error/Other

0.5 LSB

Integral Non-Linearity Error/Other

0.75 LSB

Package Type


Input Range 1st (min)

-1.25 V

Input Range 1st (max)

1.25 V

Required Supply Voltage 1st

5 V

Required Supply Voltage 2nd

-5 V

Required Supply Voltage 3rd

15 V

Required Supply Voltage 4th

-15 V

Total Harmonic Distortion

-77 dB

Signal to Noise Ratio

76 dB

Analog Bandwidth

20 MHz

Operating Temp. Range (min)

-55 ºC

Operating Temp. Range (max)

+125 ºC




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