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Part Number ADS-1011LM-C, Sampling A/D Converters

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The ADS-1011 is a serial output, low power, 10-bit A/D converter that is rated to withstand up to 30k Rad. Operating from a supply range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V, these 2.5 μs successive approximation converters are available in commercial or extended operating temperature grades. The ADS-1011 offers a unique achitechture that includes a sample-hold, high speed microprocessor compatible serial data transfer while consuming less tah 2mW of power at 50 kHz throughput. These converters are available in a 24-pin LCC hermetically sealed ceramic package, with a -55°C to +125°C temperature range. 



10 Bit

Number of Channels


Sampling Rate

0.4 MHz

Acquisition Time

2.5 ns

Power Consumption

20 W

Differential Non-Linearity Error/Other

1.0 LSB

Integral Non-Linearity Error/Other


Package Type


Input Range 1st (min)

0 V

Input Range 1st (max)

5 V

Required Supply Voltage 1st

5 V

Required Supply Voltage 3rd

2.7 V

Total Harmonic Distortion

65 dB

Signal to Noise Ratio

60 dB

Analog Bandwidth

25 MHz

Operating Temp. Range (min)

-55 ºC

Operating Temp. Range (max)

+125 ºC




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