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Item # QBR113S5-20, Quarter-Brick, Railway 100-Watt, 5 Volts Output

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The QBR113S5-20 railway converter offers output of 5 Volts and 100 watts of output power housed in an industry standard quarter-brick package with high power density. The QBR113S5-20 features wide input voltage range (4:1) from 66 to 160VDC (110 Volts nominal), high efficiency isolation of 3000VDC and provide a precise regulated voltage output. It operates over the temperature range of – 40°C to +105°C.

This module offers Input under voltage lock out (UVLO), and is fully protected against output overvoltage conditions. All models have internal over current and continuous short circuit protection. The output voltage can be trimmed to the required voltage and the product includes remote on/off function. The QBR113S5-20 provides efficiency up to 92% with low No-Load power consumption. The QBR series meet industrial standard and is the best choice for railway system, industrial, distributed power architectures, telecommunications, and mobile applications.

Please contact DATEL if your application requires different output voltage or any other special feature


Minimum Input Voltage (V)


Maximum Input Voltage (V)


Output Voltage

5 V

Maximum Output Current (A)


Efficiency (%)


Data Sheet (PDF Link)

QBR-100 Watt data sheet


QBR-100 Watt data sheet
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