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10-Watt, (1" X 1") AA Series

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This AA series offer 10 watts of output power in standard 1.00 x 1.00 x 0.4 inches packages. This series features high efficiency and 1500 Volts of DC isolation. This AA series provides a 2:1 wide input voltage range of 4.7-9, 9-18, 18-36 or 36-75 VDC and delivers a precise regulated output. These modules operate over the ambient operating temperature range of –40°C to +85°C.
All devices offer input Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO), output over-current, and are protected against over-voltage, continuous short circuit conditions and over-temperature. They are designed without tantalum capacitors. In addition, the standard control functions of this series include Remote On/Off and adjustable output voltage. This AA series is the best choice for Distributed Power Architectures, mobile telecommunication, battery operated equipment and Industrial applications. Contact DATEL for other series in 1" x 1" footprint, 4:1 Input Ranges, other input voltages, Cost Savings, Lower Power, Other Voltage outputs, etc.

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AA12S3.3-2.5 9 18 3.3 V 2.5 82 (1 X 1) 10 Watt AA Series
AA24S3.3-2.5 18 36 3.3 V 2.5 82 (1 X 1) 10 Watt AA Series
AA48S3.3-2.5 36 75 3.3 V 2.5 81 (1 X 1) 10 Watt AA Series
  Results 26 - 28 of 28 1 2